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Industry Services Guide

The services listed below are industry association members who provide a range of services to growers.
Please be aware that the listings below are not direct recommendations of ATIA.

Consultancy Services
A truffle farming consultant will be able to assist with the following important considerations:
  • Site suitability assessment
  • Soil evaluation
  • Plantation design & development
  • Liaison with earthworks & irrigation contractors
  • Established farm consultancy
Truffle Tree Suppliers
It is critical to source the highest quality inoculated host trees when considering a truffle project.

Specialist nurseries use scientific processes and DNA testing when producing inoculum, to ensure the required species is applied to the tree's roots and that their are no contaminants.

ATIA's industry tree evaluation program (AVSTEP) ensures that new industry entrants receive the highest quality trees.
Professional Harvesting Services
A professional harvester and their canine companion are essential to finding truffles.

Using a trained truffle dog is the most effective and efficient way to locate truffles.
A well-trained dog has the ability to distinguish ripe truffles from those that are not ready.

This service allows the farmer increased efficiency in harvest practice.
Truffle Sales & Export
If you require assistance selling your truffles, their are several services available to facilitate sales.
The three main markets are:
  • Export
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
Building a relationship with a truffle reseller is an important step in your marketing strategy.
Farm Maintenance Services
Farm maintenance contractors can provide an efficient and more economical solution to larger tasks in a mature farm, such as pruning.

Medium and small farms may not always warrant the need for large machinery and farm implements, relying on assistance from contractors.
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