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Food Festivals

Culinary Spectacular
Truffles are an exciting addition to Australia's culinary produce.

Australians are not only mastering how best to grow them, but also how to create memorable culinary dishes with truffles. 

Whilst we do not have the centuries of ‘truffle culture’ as is the case in Europe where they've grown naturally for many thousands of years, Australia is gradually creating its own appreciation, anticipation and celebration of the truffle season.

Each year, new truffle events, festivals and specialised dinners are featured in all states throughout the winter months.
Notable truffle festivals such the Canberra Truffle Festival, Truffle Melbourne and Western Australia's Truffle Kerfuffle all attract many thousands of truffle devotees.

Festivals feature fresh truffle sales, value added products, food stalls, cooking classes, lectures, demonstrations, wine tasting and live music.

Our annual truffle festivals are increasingly popular, and seen as important culinary and cultural events.

The truffle season is relatively short, lasting 8-9 weeks at best around June-September. Be sure to investigate the many options for celebrating the truffle.
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