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ACF & ATIA - Collaboration

We are working closely with the Australian Culinary Federation to ensure quality truffles are reaching consumers.

Ensuring Quality Reaches Consumers
Quality above all else
In the early stages of the season, it’s tempting to start looking in the paddock to check the ripening process. You may even find a small percentage of truffles that appear to be ripe, however, reward for effort is usually minimal. 

If you look at records over time, on average, the season doesn’t really start, in terms of genuine truffle ripening, until early to mid June in most environments. There are of course regional differences, as in WA, where they tend to begin harvesting earlier.

As recently as today, growers in the coldest growing regions of Australia are reporting that aromas are still faint and colour is still developing. If you wait, and commence at the right time, it is far less confusing for you and importantly your dog/s, when determining ripeness.

Moreover, there is less chance of unripe truffle entering the market, and underwhelming our consumers. We understand that there is often pressure on growers by chefs, providores, and resellers to harvest early, but this doesn’t mean growers need to comply with requests. 

We encourage growers to be in control when it comes to this pressure. 

Ultimately, you may risk damaging your brand and your regional provenance. 
Industry Taking Positive Steps
Moving forward, together
One solution to dealing with quality issues in the industry is education for growers and consumers.

A reasonable number of chefs in Australia don’t regularly use truffle in season, and often don’t fully understand the importance of sourcing quality, and the influence this has on their menu.

ATIA has begun to work closely with the Australian Culinary Federation (ACF), to develop an ongoing education program for chefs, apprentices, kitchen, and front of house staff, based on truffle quality. This will be a multi-faceted approach, culminating in an education micro-credential between ACF and ATIA.

In the future, we trust that unripe truffles entering the market will become less of a problem, as a better educated culinary industry understands what truly ripe, aromatic truffle is, and naturally becomes more discerning with purchases, rejecting poor quality. 
Join In and Help Us Make a Difference
Let's make a difference
A key plank in this ongoing plan will be the hosting of chefs and their hospitality staff on ATIA members’ farms for networking and a meaningful learning experience.

We are seeking willing farms in all regions across Australia to join this important program. We need the message to be consistent, and to build a common understanding about the attributes of truffle.

Host farms will be required to:
  • Be a current member of ATIA.
  • Be available to host groups on Tuesdays during the season.
  • Deliver a tailored presentation supplied by ATIA.
  • Conduct a hunt for the visiting hospitality group.
  • Teach the group about truffle production, quality, and grading.
Benefits in Assisting The Collaboration 
It's a win-win-win!
Benefits to Host Farms include:
  • Connect directly with the culinary industry.
  • Raise your brand awareness and regional provenance.
  • Increase sales and customer base.
  • Exposure to culinary industry consumers for hunts/farm visits.

Benefits to Culinary Industry include:
  • Increased understanding of quality and appreciation for Australian truffle.
  • Better consumer experiences in the restaurant.
  • Increased business during the winter season.

Benefits to Truffle Industry include:
  • Assurance of quality produce reaching consumers.
  • Increased use of truffle in the domestic Australian market.
  • Relationship building with an allied industry for mutual benefit.
The Road to Success
We know that many Australian growers already host chefs and their staff on farms during the season for the purposes described above. These growers report significant benefits to all parties.

ATIA and ACF wish to ‘scale up’ these activities to promote truffle and foster learning.

If you would like to register your availability or simply learn more, please contact the relevant person from the list at this link.
Right click on the individuals name, and select "Copy email address"
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